Workshops, training and up skilling of internal marketing/ e-commerce teams

Customer journey mapping

Workshop facilitation

Customer or web journey workshops

Full Digital Review

Web user testing training

Up skill your team

1-2-1 customer research

Hooks, flows & funnels

The course for the modern digital marketer

What that means

Up skill your team with the very latest in digital techniques from web user testing to design thinking

Independent moderation to facilitate workshops – customer & web journey mapping

Facilitators and trainers from a back ground of working for big brands and agencies

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Insightful UX services

The Story

We know that digital is moving quickly and for brands that do everything in house, your output can only be as good as your team. Therefore it is imperative to ensure your teams have the right skills.

We come from a background of working for big brands and agencies and still service many big brands with the very latest in digital techniques to help gather insights, test journeys and to achieve ROI.

We appreciate though that many brands like to do everything in-house (having been there and done that also), yet our passion to ensure that brands are implementing the very best in digital techniques to service their customers better, we wanted to still helps these brands, so we set up Insightful Campus.